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Job Relocation? How to Find an Accessible Home for Barrier-Free Living

Pursuing a career in prospect research can sometimes mean relocating to a new geographic area with new opportunities. Relocating is challenging for everyone! In this guest post, Patrick Young examines the unique challenges faced by those with disabilities, providing tips to help your relocation go a little bit smoother. By Patrick Young Your home can… Read More »

#CareerCurious with Miguel Angel Hernández at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico

If you’ve ever been curious about prospect research in Mexico, Miguel Angel Hernández at Tecnológico de Monterrey is bursting with the best ideas for prospecting and researching, as well as insights on how the profession is developing there. Like many in the prospect research profession, Miguel began his career elsewhere, in information technology. But when… Read More »

Crypto and Decentralized Finance as Vehicles for Philanthropy with Melody Song

When I first encountered Melody Song, she was a wiz prospect researcher willing to demonstrate relationship mapping with NodeXL to the Prospect Research Institute’s ad hoc working group on the subject. A few career iterations later she is doling out grants at the razor’s edge of philanthropy, leveraging blockchain to democratize giving at Popcorn. This… Read More »