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Eight Great International Research Resources for 2019

By Sabine Schuller Can you believe it’s the end of the year?  Here are eight resources that caught my attention in 2018. 1. كيف تبحث في الشرق الأوسط إذا كنت لا تقرأ العربية Because Rotary, the organization I work for, has a presence in more than 200 countries I keep my eye out for any… Read More »

Dates and International Research: Surprisingly Complex

By Sabine Schuller “I’ve been on a calendar, but never on time.” – Marilyn Monroe[1] Using your very creative imagination, picture yourself in 2003 finding an article about a prospect who’s not from your home country.  She made the news because she successfully sold her very large company.  This is exciting because your NGO’s fundraising… Read More »

Are You Ready For the Information that Lies Beneath?

By Sabine Schuller As donor researchers, we pride ourselves on finding accurate information so our fundraising team successfully connects with supporters. Our eyebrows rise when we see an inflammatory headline followed by questionable content But sometimes we are asked to stretch outside our comfort zone… • When an alum from another country surfaces as a… Read More »

Comparison of 4 Global Wealth and Philanthropy Reports

by Sabine Schuller You can’t lose. Everywhere on the planet, someone is generously lending a hand to their neighbor. Philanthropy can be time, talent, or treasure – it can be 5 rupees or US$5,000,000. There are many resources to help understand where your future donors are and what their philanthropy looks like. Following are four… Read More »

10 Steps to Deliver on International Prospecting

by Jason J. Briggs International prospect research is commonly considered high risk in the sense that it often fails to bring satisfying results and takes considerably more resources. Therefore, there is extra emphasis for research managers to plan international prospecting carefully to mitigate these risks.  It was in this spirit that the Research Team at… Read More »

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina – I Have Research!

by Sabine Schuller As you walk into the conference room, you see a map of Argentina on the wall and Spanish words on the whiteboard. No surprise there – you’ve been asked to brainstorm approaches on how to expand your organization’s circle of supporters outside your borders. You overhear a group of your co-workers excitedly… Read More »

International Research is a big space! Here’s an approach.

by Sabine Schuller International. Mondial. Global. Weltweit. 全球. What do we mean when we say that? More often than not, the frame of reference is someone’s home country as the center. Everything outside the borders is “foreign” – equally intriguing and puzzling. Norwegian and U.S. citizens might be mutually surprised, not realizing one country publicizes… Read More »