Learning Edge Blog: #CareerCurious:

#CareerCurious with Miguel Angel Hernández at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico

If you’ve ever been curious about prospect research in Mexico, Miguel Angel Hernández at Tecnológico de Monterrey is bursting with the best ideas for prospecting and researching, as well as insights on how the profession is developing there. Like many in the prospect research profession, Miguel began his career elsewhere, in information technology. But when… Read More »

#CareerCurious with Vanessa Boyle and Kelly Douglas at Caltech

Kelly Douglas, Senior Data Analyst, Development Analytics at Caltech, didn’t anticipate a career in analytics, but was drawn to it by leaning into her interests and strengths. Vanessa Boyle, Associate Director of Prospect Management at Caltech, followed her interests and exposed herself to new experiences that deepened the skill set she now applies to prospect… Read More »

#CareerCurious with Shelby Radcliffe: from Prospect Researcher to Advancement VP

Seeking an English Major with a Love of Data to Become an Accidental Fundraiser When I first learned about Shelby Radcliffe, it was because the Institute’s Master Class was exploring the question of whether giving and engagement were related variables and whether giving should be included in engagement scores. I stumbled on the research paper… Read More »