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Staff Retention: Thank You and Goodbye

by Mark Noll, Rhode Warrior Blogger Greetings from the Florida beach.  I retired a few months ago and am loving every moment of it.  Despite not being in the workforce any longer, I still keep up on everything in the world of Philanthropy.  Lately, I’ve been seeing a trend that has me a bit concerned… Read More »

Michele Tanzosch walks us through her experience storing profiles inside the database

“If it’s not in the database, it didn’t happen!” How many times have you heard that phrase – or uttered it yourself? And usually, it is directed at development officers. But should it be directed at prospect research professionals too? When fundraising research is stored outside of the database, the development department faces many of… Read More »

Cryptocurrency and the Opportunity Factor with Elisa Shoenberger

Cryptocurrency has been making all kinds of headlines these days. Described as the “crypto winter,” coins have been folding, freezing, and getting hijacked. Is this the end of the cryptocurrency opportunity for philanthropy? Not according to Elisa Shoenberger, Research Consultant at Aspire Research Group LLC, this podcast’s sponsor. In fact, one might even conclude that… Read More »

Practical Tips for Succeeding With a Visual or Auditory Impairment

Disabilities can impact an individual’s work performance and daily life in many ways. The significance of the impact depends on the person’s unique level of disability and ability, but most of the time, simple accommodations can be made in the workplace and at home to help the individual thrive. If you’re looking for creative alternatives to conventional workplace practices and processes to accommodate your visual or auditory impairment (or your employees’), consider these ideas: