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Announcing New Intro to Prospect Management Course

“It’s critical that researchers and fundraisers need to team up!” – Suzanne Barlow in #ChatBytes The Prospect Research Institute is pleased to announce that it is developing a workbook and course: Introduction to Prospect Management. This workbook and course will teach you the building blocks of a prospect management system, how to communicate through change,… Read More »

How to Create Prospect Portfolios that Reach Fundraising Goals

What kind of skills does it take to do prospect management really well? If Suzanne Barlow is any indication, start with an education in information systems, add a voracious appetite for learning about wealth and giving, and top it off with a love of connecting people together. In this #ChatBytes episode Suzanne shares with us… Read More »

David Lawson explains how Big Data can translate into Big Good

What prospect research professional isn’t fascinated by Artificial Intelligence (AI), or what David Lawson terms, Cognitive Computing? As research professionals, we tend to be early adopters of new technology and keen to learn at least enough to hold a meaningful conversation about information technology trends. So when I heard about David Lawson’s book, Big Good:… Read More »

Capacity Ratings Workbook

The Capacity Rating Workbook outlines the methods for calculating and using capacity ratings. It covers techniques used for decades as well as newer techniques. Discussion questions help readers examine their current practices. What’s in the Workbook The workbook is printed and contains the following: Explains what capacity ratings are and how they are used Breaks… Read More »

What is Relationship Management?

At the Prospect Research Institute, we are turning our focus right now to developing new educational materials for the Relationship Management learning domain. Starting at the very  beginning we wanted to define some key terms for our classroom glossary. Looking online for material created by experts we came up with the terms and definitions below…. Read More »