How to Create Prospect Portfolios that Reach Fundraising Goals

What kind of skills does it take to do prospect management really well? If Suzanne Barlow is any indication, start with an education in information systems, add a voracious appetite for learning about wealth and giving, and top it off with a love of connecting people together.

In this #ChatBytes episode Suzanne shares with us the variety of people she has navigated her career with, how she satisfied her demanding curiosity with people and continuing education, and lots of words of wisdom for creating prospect portfolios.

Suzanne advocates starting with research first in the process. Instead of the development officer bringing prospects to research, which is how many prospect management programs operate, especially when prospect management evolves in tandem with major gifts, she suggests using research expertise to identify prospects.

She also recommends leveraging a capacity rating to keep development officers on target to reach their fundraising goal. She defines capacity rating very specifically as Capacity + Affinity + Inclination = Capacity Rating. You can find her definition at 14:20 in the recording.

If you are involved in prospect management or want to be, listen in for some great ideas and advice from seasoned and successful prospect research professional, Suzanne Barlow.

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