Visualizing Data Equity with Meena Das at NamasteData

Visualizing Data Equity with Meena Das at NamasteData

Meena Das embodied the tech career path – gaining experience, immigrating to the US, following the job offer to Seattle – and then it happened: data inequity. She became an invisible number just when she really needed to be seen and counted.

To meet Meena – even just to hear her talk – is to want to get to know her. She is open and accessible.

And I wondered, what is she talking about when she talks about data equity? How is she able to build an occupation centered in data equity? What made her want to do that?

Now you can listen in as she shares her story. One person can make a difference and Meena is starting a movement. After you listen to the interview, join her and amplify her quest to Do Good With Data.

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