Reflections on 10 Years of Prospect Research Institute

The Prospect Research Institute officially came into being in 2014, but a lot of hard work started in 2013, assessing the market, deciding on the structure, and creating the first content. From the very beginning it was important to me that the professional community be invited in to ensure that one person’s experience (mine) didn’t eclipse the varied experiences and environments prospect researchers encounter.

And from the very beginning colleagues just like you have stepped in and volunteered with advice, corrections, and suggestions.

In the Institute’s most recent re-launch on a new website learning platform, more than 100 of you volunteered to review content – astounding! And a clear reminder that fundraising researchers share and care about professionalizing the field.

As I look forward to the Institute’s tenth year and beyond, my goals are much the same. Reach out to the community – the global community – to keep creating comprehensive, rigorous content that can be used to train prospect research professionals anywhere.

Thank you for listening to this podcast. Thank you for supporting professional education for prospect researchers. And thank you for allowing me and the Prospect Research Institute to serve you.