Linda Smith and the Confessions of a Sin City Fundraiser

Whatever you do, don’t say “No” to Linda Smith! She is the kind of woman who gets energized whenever she is told “no,” or that something can’t be done – or that her newborn baby can’t be a U.S. citizen because he was born with a disability.

Sometimes not knowing, or not accepting that something can’t be done, is the best path to getting it done. After 18 years, Linda’s son did become a U.S. citizen. And Linda spent 36 years volunteering and working for Opportunity Village, raising nearly half a billion dollars in Las Vegas.

Now Linda is on a quest to share her fundraising journey with you, so that you might learn from her mistakes and raise more money in a shorter time for the causes you serve. And I’m not just talking about the front-line fundraisers that talk directly to donors.

Prospect research professionals must understand the fundamentals of fundraising in order to find and present the information that will move fundraising forward.

Linda’s words of wisdom might surprise you. You might not even like the way it “sounds,” but you won’t be able to deny the truth her life story, and her fundraising success, tells.

P.S. Don’t forget to purchase her book below! All proceeds go to the Christopher Smith Foundation.

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