Introduction to Prospect Management Workbook

The Introduction to Prospect Management Workbook is a practical overview of prospect management that defines the terms and process, including pitfalls to avoid and tips for implementing prospect management at your organization. Diagrams, sample reports, and other visuals help you understand what to expect and give you a starting point and/or a comparison to your current practice.

The appendix also includes a nod to the role of wealth screenings, a work flow chart, a sample prospect management manual table of contents, and a glossary of more than fifty terms.

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What’s in the Workbook

The workbook is printed and has information across the following six chapters:

Chapter 1 | Overview of Prospect Management
Chapter 2 | Crafting a Plan
Chapter 3 | Staging and the Gift Cycle
Chapter 4 | Using Prospect Portfolios
Chapter 5 | Defining Goals and Tracking Information
Chapter 6 | Reporting

About the Author

Mark Noll currently serves as the Executive Director of Development Operations at Stetson University.  He has over 20 years of experience working in a wide range of areas which include Prospect Research & Management, Development Operations, Donor Relations and other fundraising support services.  Prior to joining Stetson University, he held various positions at the University of Scranton, UCF, Kansas State University, the University of Rhode Island and Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. 

In that time, Mark has been involved in five successful capital campaigns as well as co-chaired two database conversions/upgrades while at the University of Rhode Island and UCF. He has been a frequent presenter at various CASE and Apra conferences on a wide range of subjects in areas of data management, development operations and prospect research/identification. He currently serves on the advisory board for the Prospect Research Institute, is past president of Apra-Florida and is an active member of both AASP and Apra.

He holds two degrees from King’s College and has performed post-graduate work at both King’s College and the University of Scranton in his native Pennsylvania, where he is also a former registered fundraising consultant. 

Mark is the proud father of Dr. Brianna Noll and Dr. Alexander Noll.  He spends his free time doing whatever suits him at the moment and is currently learning how to speak Polish. 

Connect with Mark on LinkedIn.

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