A Surprising Way Prospect Research Can Help Raise Nonprofit Millions

Karen Eber Davis

Karen Eber Davis is a nonprofit income specialist, but behind her easygoing manner is something else. Is it strategy? Is it experience? Is it drive? Yes!

When I think of Karen, I imagine her as a banker who happens to be easily and happily riding a unicycle on a tightrope. She has balance. She has perspective. But most importantly, she has my attention! And she is always catching me off guard with simple comments that forever change the way I view the world.

True to form, in this interview Karen shares some of the spark behind her most recent book, Let’s Raise Nonprofit Millions Together, but she also throws out a special call to action for prospect research professionals.

Would you like to a be prospect researcher extraordinaire? Tune in to hear the primary research anyone and everyone can perform to gain the knowledge and relationship skills that matter to every fundraising role. Learn first-hand how to identify donor’s motivations, perceptions, and needs.

Can prospect research be behind the scenes supporting fundraising and simultaneously be on the frontlines performing prospect research? Find out!

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