New Course on Fundraising Analytics for Campaigns

At the Prospect Research Institute, we offer on-demand courses that help researchers learn the tasks they are expected to perform on the job. That’s why we’re so excited about Staupell Analytics’ newest on-demand course, The Analytics Journey Throughout Your Campaign.

Marianne Pelletier, Staupell’s Managing Director, teaches you how to apply analytics from pre-campaign planning all the way through post-campaign evaluation.

What makes Staupell’s offerings different?

  • Purchase once and access forever! As long as your account is active you will have access to the videos and other resources in the course.
  • Questions/Comments: You can ask questions and connect with other students inside the course.
  • Practice Exercises: You can work through the exercises along with Marianne as she demonstrates the techniques on video.

At the Institute we are passionate about providing you with great training, but we also know that the nonprofit sector thrives on a culture of collaboration and sharing. As an affiliate partner with Staupell, you can expect to see future course offerings between our companies that help you continue your learning journey, as well as the sharing of free content as we seek to create a positive impact together.

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