Staupell Analytics Partners with Prospect Research Institute to Provide a Broad Collection of Online Training and Skill Enhancement

March 10, 2020 – Ithaca, NY and Tampa, FL

Staupell Analytics Group (Staupell) and The Prospect Research Institute (The Institute) are excited to announce that they are bringing deeper learning opportunities to the fundraising prospect research field by partnering to offer a wide range of complementary training options. The nonprofit sector is unique and learning how to apply the fundamentals of research and data analytics to fundraising is challenging. PRI and Staupell are partnering to create learning pathways to help fundraising research professionals gain the knowledge and skills they need to help their organizations succeed. Both fundraisers who are newly entering the field and experts looking to keep current will find learning material that fits their needs.

Marianne Pelletier, Founder and Managing Director of Staupell, says “we are thrilled to be working with The Institute on bringing an entire suite of training sessions to our profession. Both Staupell and The Institute team members have robust experience supporting fundraising, and we are creating courses that we wish were offered when we started. Staupell looks forward to enhancing The Institute’s offerings with advanced analytics courses, and we look forward to sharing The Institute’s comprehensive suite of courses to our students.”

Jennifer Filla, CEO and founder of Prospect Research Institute, adds “Data analytics isn’t just for healthcare and higher education anymore. All nonprofits are valuing their data more and, increasingly, collecting more of it. That means prospect research professionals need a broad array of skills and staff who can specialize. The Institute is excited to be able to partner with Staupell to begin coordinating seamless pathways for stronger workforce development in the fundraising profession.”

About Prospect Research Institute

The Prospect Research Institute is a vibrant, online learning community that provides high-quality educational content, the opportunity to connect with peers, and an outlet for new ideas in the field of nonprofit fundraising research. We offer on-demand courses, a membership community, and other educational content that prepares prospect development professionals for their work in prospect research, fundraising analytics and relationship management. Learn more at

About Staupell Analytic Group

Staupell Analytics Group is an all-about-data firm with a focus on the nonprofit sector. We work with clients on custom business intelligence solutions that inform, enhance, and target fundraising efforts. We offer analytics consulting, custom and structured training, and both custom and published workbooks for any stage of the fundraising process. Learn more at