Data + Analytics: What’s the Impact? Ask Peter.

We hear it all the time – fundraising is about relationships. Peter is a strong advocate that LIFE is about relationships and that means we need to be able to talk to each other in a way that isn’t always viewed as efficient. If you’ve ever met Peter you know how infectious his version of talking is! He’s funny and he has such an easy way of being curious about whomever he is talking to.

In this interview, Peter answers the question, “What is the purpose of fundraising analytics?” In his colorful way of sharing ideas, he cautions against letting the “tail wag the dog.” He skeptically wonders aloud about rampant use of “data analytics” descriptors, especially among emerging vendors selling software solutions.

Could it be that the very data we have been able to amass is hampering our ability to engage our best prospects? Is our orientation to devices affecting our ability to develop the intimate relationships our donors need with our organizations? What is a key characteristic for gift officers? What can prospect researchers do to be successful in the field now?

Listen in to the conversation to find out!

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