#CareerCurious with Mark Egge, 2018-2019 President of Apra International

Mark Egge has been a researcher for more than ten years. He’s seen a lot of things change over that time and he has spent a lot of time volunteering in different roles in Apra, which makes him well placed to lead Apra International this year as President.

But did you know that Mark went to college to learn music? Specifically, playing the saxophone? Oh, yes! Mark is no stranger to stepping out and leading. He’s practiced it for years. And that’s why you’ll enjoy listening to him share what happens behind the scenes leading up to and during his tenure as Apra International President.

In this interview, Mark doesn’t talk about his musical talents, but now that I’ve planted the seed here you can consider how that might influence his approach to leadership.

Mark shares lots of good news for us in the field in this interview. In fact, he was transitioning to the position he holds now – Associate Vice President – right at the time of the interview. If you were ever wondering whether you could make a career out of prospect research, Mark has a marvelous, practical answer for you!

Additional Resources

Body of Knowledge [paid login required]

As Apra President, Mark can’t help but gush about the resources available at Apra. While he didn’t promote any specific resource, I’d like to highlight the Body of Knowledge. When it was first introduced, I couldn’t quite figure out what it was or how to use it. But the Apra hive mind continues to apply itself to the task and you can now take a quiz to discover what you know and where your learning gaps are relative to a specific area. There are other resources, too, such as a glossary. Go check it out!