#CareerCurious with Helen Brown, President of The Helen Brown Group

Helen Brown runs a well-established development research consulting and training firm with around 20 full-time employees. How did she get there? What is a day in the office like now for Helen?

I was curious. Who wouldn’t be? There are extremely few firms of any size devoted to research and Helen has done much more than making money. She and her employees have been active in Apra, and she has been a passionate and vocal advocate for the fundraising research profession, devoting her time, energy, and money to the cause.

In 2007, when I first decided to test the waters as an independent researcher, I was a subcontractor for Helen’s firm. And when I learned that AFP was looking for an author to write a book on prospect research, I never imagined writing Prospect Research for Fundraisers with anyone else.

(Thank you, Helen, for helping me achieve my dream career!)

With all this success, Helen doesn’t try to claim all the glory, which is refreshing. When she told me that she had “created a kitchen cabinet of people” to help her early in her consulting days, I could practically smell the baked goods she posts pictures of on Twitter!

Tune in to hear Helen tell her story, find out why she founded Research Pride month in March, and hear what’s on her agenda for the future.

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