Can Gravyty get development officers to make more prospect discovery visits?

When I first read about Gravyty in the Chronicle of Philanthropy I was instantly intrigued. Here was a tangible outcome of AI being applied to fundraising. WOW! We’ve been hearing hype over AI and how it’s going to plow right through our jobs and disrupt, well, everything, but it hasn’t. As if written with a little disbelief, the article was a short little thing buried a few pages inside the newspaper.

After I interviewed David Lawson about his book, Big Good, and his company, NewSci, AI felt a little more accessible. I began to see how AI is beginning to creep into our lives. Maybe it isn’t taking over like a tsunami, but instead is growing slowly with deeper roots, like a plant.

After iWave announced it was partnering with Gravyty I knew I had to interview Adam Martel. A fast-talking co-founder of Gravyty, he talks about filling a very specific gap in fundraising that is well-suited to exploit the power of AI. That sounds so practical and specific. So achievable.

Adam knows how to talk to his audience. He explains how prospect research professionals possess the analytical disposition and skills best suited for strategy, not grunt work like screening verifications. Could AI really be so good that it could make automated data matches on common names at near 100% accuracy? Sci-fi has inspired future achievements before, why not now?

Listen fast to keep up with Adam as he shares exactly what tasks Gravyty’s Cognitive Colleague can do for fundraising and prospect research.

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