Backstory and Trends in Prospect Management

Where do you get started with prospect management? How many prospects should a development officer have in a portfolio? What’s the lynchpin of a successful prospect management program?

If you are curious about any of these questions, you need to hear what Karen Greene has to say!

Karen is the kind of unassuming professional who connects the dots between her historical knowledge and experience and the current environment to deliver wisdom you can immediately apply to your work.

And once you hear what she has to say it’s as if everything falls into place. Of course, things work that way – it’s so obvious! But of course, it’s not obvious at all.

Karen gets into the weeds of exactly how many prospects you might put into a development officer’s portfolio – and why. She talks about tracking actions, and how significant actions can represent the milestones of the prospect’s journey through the gift cycle – and why that matters.

Whether you are a prospect researcher or a development officer or an executive, I know you are going to hang on Karen’s every word in this episode!

Resources Mentioned

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Advice for Prospect Development in the Face of Economic Uncertainty | Karen Greene | Apra Connections | 2020