Unlock your Potential: Take the Fundraising Intelligence Agent Quiz

Are you looking for comprehensive job training? Want to excel in the field of fundraising prospect research?

Whether you are trying to break into the field, just got hired on a team, or are a solo researcher supporting your organization, take this quiz to find out if you have what it takes to jump-start your career as a fundraising intelligence agent!

(No tech gadgets or black sunglasses required, but are considered cool)

Fundraising Intelligence Agent Quiz

Do you…

  1. Want to create prospect profiles that help fundraisers ask for major gifts?
  2. Need to learn or apply solid Excel skills to solve fundraising problems with data analytics?
  3. Wish you understood what prospect management is and why it is important to major gift fundraising?
  4. Want to successfully mine a list of donors and identify major gift prospects based on at least three fundamental criteria?
  5. Want to master key concepts in fundraising and apply them to research, such as the five building blocks of a profile?
  6. Need a framework to explore how to best present the wealth you find in a gift capacity rating?
  7. Have abundant curiosity driving you to pursue continuing education?
  8. Have the self-discipline to work independently on course-work?
  9. Enjoy practicing with homework and responding to instructor feedback?
  10. Like to interact with peers and explore how they do things at their organizations?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, you qualify for the Career Agent Educational Track.

Take the following steps to accept your first mission:

  1. Get supervisor approval: Download the Supervisor Letter and Purchase Order
  2. Purchase the Career Agent Track
  3. Schedule your orientation meeting with your handler, Jen Filla