Top 5 Tips for Persons with Disabilities on Using Tech for Career Success

Guest Post by Patrick Young

Top 5 Tips for Persons with Disabilities on Using Tech for Career Success
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Individuals with disabilities may have greater difficulties finding fitting jobs. Insider reveals that it can be hard to find employers that willingly provide special accommodations for differently-abled individuals, for example. The great news is that modern technology is simplifying the situation. As a person with a disability, you can use cutting-edge tools to help with everything from finding the perfect job to thriving in the position once you land the job. Read on for top tips on how to leverage today’s technological innovations to establish and support a thriving career.

Use online quizzes and career counseling to identify a fitting job.

Before you hit the job market, it’s important to narrow down your options. Figuring out what types of roles interest you and suit your skills will allow for a more targeted application process. You can start by taking an online quiz, like this one from The Princeton Review. For more personalized feedback, consider career counseling services. A professional can review your qualifications and help you figure out where your passion lies. You can find qualified experts online. Platforms like Upwork let you browse based on criteria like reviews and price.

Look into home-based business opportunities you can do via the internet.

A home-based business offers many benefits, from eliminating commutes to cutting overhead costs. According to The Guardian, people with health issues or disabilities can further benefit from the added flexibility. Consider your home-based business options. Small Business Trends provides a list of more than 50 business ideas that can get you started, including copywriting, social media consulting, and upcycling. Consider what existing skills and resources you have when deciding what route is right for you.

Rely on remote learning tools to gain a competitive career advantage.

Once you have an idea of what kind of job or business you want to pursue, create a roadmap for how you will get it. For example, you may need additional educational credentials or professional certifications to land your dream gig. Remote learning offers many educational opportunities that disabled persons can access easily from home. For example, Prospect Research Institute offers training for persons interested in pursuing careers in fundraising research.

Invest in assistive technologies to support professional success.

Assistive technologies can help you at every stage of your career, from job hunting to thriving in your new role. Monsido offers a list of seven tech tools designed to help persons with disabilities use computers and access the web. For example, individuals with vision problems can benefit from screen readers like JAWS, which read out lines of text and highlight text on the screen. Alternatively, persons with limited mobility in their hands and arms can use hands-free mouse tracking tools that turn a webcam into a mouse controller.

Build your professional network for added support.

Having a support network of like-minded professionals is valuable for any person pursuing their career. Individuals with disabilities can especially benefit. Being able to compare notes with people who understand your unique challenges can be helpful in dealing with work stressors. The Disability Professionals Network is one place to look for support. This non-profit organization advocates for disabled individuals and offers resources you can use to assert your rights.

From making educational opportunities more accessible to easing everyday job duties, technology opens up many doors for persons with disabilities. Follow the above tips to get a job that you love and excel in your new role.

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About the Author

Patrick Young is an educator and activist. He believes people with disabilities must live within a unique set of circumstances–the outside world often either underestimates them or ignores their needs altogether. He created Able USA to offer helpful resources to people with disabilities and to provide advice on navigating various aspects of life as a person with disabilities.