The Active Donor File “Trap” – A Donor Data Lesson

Data hygiene is not the sexiest of fundraising topics. It’s so much more exciting to talk about billionaire tech entrepreneurs and who owns that $19 million mansion. For hundreds of thousands of nonprofits, this unfortunate truth is costing them millions.

In this interview, Jennifer Paquette shares her experiences helping nonprofits create strategy out of their donor data. Keeping your data clean is the first step, but you also need to listen to your donors through the data and create the entire program, including messaging and follow-up, to engage, re-engage, and retain your donors.

She also offers a sneak peek into the world of youthful giving and the impact it is having on data collection and analysis practices.

And, no, I am not choosing podcast guests based on their first names being Jennifer!

Jennifer Paquette has the kind of real-world experience in nonprofit data that navigates the reality of humans, data, and philanthropy–and still succeeds in raising donor dollars. Her fabulous first name just happens to be a bonus.

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