Relational Mapping with WealthQuotient

Brian Gonzales

What if you could shed 10 pounds in one week with a pill? Would you take it? We all WANT to believe it’s possible, but the truth is that it takes good nutrition and exercise for long-term good health with a healthy weight.

What if you could identify and access major gift prospects…at scale? Would you do it? For some organizations who have already done a good job building relationships, it really could happen quickly–almost like magic!

For other organizations, the relationship-building groundwork still has to happen before major gift prospecting through referrals could be reliably scaled. But learning about WealthQuotient and hearing Brian Gonzales talk about their method is the FIRST time I’ve ever encountered a cluster of best practices in a recipe for “magic-like” success!

In the world of prospect research, it’s time we expand our perspective beyond the technique–relationship mapping–and view the entire process. That means understanding and being able to explain (dare I say coach) development officers on cultivating what Brian calls a “hub” and establishing trust and chemistry with newly introduced prospects.

For those in our field who perform prospect management roles, it’s not such a new thought to play more as a team member with development officers instead of as an extension of the keyboard and all of the techniques associated with that.

What Brian shares with me in this interview about the work of WealthQuotient has the look and feel of “ground-breaking.” But what do I know? Maybe you are already doing this kind of work. Send me an email, pick up the phone, or leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

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