Predictive Insights a la carte with Shawn Olds at boodleAI

With so many new software products on the market for nonprofit fundraising, it’s tough to keep up. So how did I end up with Shawn Olds, Founder and CEO of boodleAI in the guest seat on #ChatBytes? Word of mouth.

Natalia Pierson, a Prospect Research Institute member, just couldn’t stop talking about boodleAI in our Master Classes. It took a few mentions, but I decided I was obligated to learn more about any product that a career researcher couldn’t stop raving about!

Natalia and I created a short video for the Master Class where I asked all my curiosity questions and she was kind enough to explain how she was using boodleAI. After that I immediately purchased a subscription. This is the first AI/machine learning product that I can use as a consultant to benefit my clients!

As Shawn explains so well, there are many predictive insights a nonprofit can use to evaluate the entire database. Once your records are inside boodleAI’s platform, you then have a menu of viewing choices and can build segments based on the insights – an a la carte menu of predictive scores built from big data.

Shawn has a deep range of experience leveraging technology services and building companies. I’m grateful to be benefiting from more than great information technology. boodleAI is marrying great technology with great deployment.

If you’re curious how this information technology works, how it could benefit nonprofits like yours, and how it aligns with privacy and data laws, grab a winter beverage and tune in! Shawn does a great job of making tech relatable.

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