Prospect Research Perspectives

Some ideas require more space than a 500-word blog post can provide.

Prospect Research Perspectives magazine provides the space to explore new ideas and trends affecting the field of fundraising research.

Every fundraising professional – whether a researcher, gift officer or vice president – needs to know how to harness information to achieve fundraising goals. Prospect Research Perspectives delivers the big picture and the details behind the ideas and trends in fundraising information.

A new magazine, we have three guiding principles:

Innovative. Creative. Accurate.

  • New ideas, predictions, old ideas viewed in new ways – whatever the topic is, you can count on a shake-up of your perspective.
  • Reading need never be boring! Analogies, visuals and storytelling are a few ways we add fun to otherwise serious content.
  • Each article cites the sources used to gather information so that all the facts can easily be checked before and after publication.
Oct 2015 Edition
Oct 2015 Edition
Mar 2015 Edition