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Social media is a HUGE cultural trend affecting fundraising and research. Are you familiar with the social media playing field and how it impacts fundraising and prospect research?

In the On Social Media edition of Prospect Research Perspectives magazine, we give you the big picture on how social media is interacting with fundraising and the actions prospect research professionals can take to stay on the cutting edge.

The articles have been written by two veterans in the field, Jennifer Filla and Sarah Bernstein. Let them share with you the theory and practical strategies and tips they learned from interviews and thorough research.

Imagine the next time you are in a departmental meeting and the topic of social media comes up. How cool would it be if you were the one who could speak knowledgeably about the trends and best practices and how they related to your information systems?

You have the initiative – you just need to know the lay of the social media land!

What’s in the Magazine

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The publication is 46 pages in print only and contains:

  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) 12-page analysis of social media in fundraising and research
  • Articles covering online campaigns, social media influencers, getting and using social media data, ethics, and major gifts
  • Career tips
  • InfoGraphic on social media users
  • End Notes with 31 sources

You get the best practices from other organizations and steps you can take immediately, no matter how large or small your social media effort.

Whether your nonprofit is actively involved in promoting its cause and gathering data via social media or you are simply interested in the concept, this magazine would be a great resource. With a variety of articles, this magazine contains information on virtually every facet of the social media world that a prospect researcher could desire.

I loved how the authors not only interviewed researchers in the field, but also included timely discussions from PRSPCT-L and graphics to make the information more user-friendly and relatable. I especially found the articles on social media influencers and social media ethics to be intriguing as these are topics that I have faced in my own position as a researcher.

I think it would be beneficial for every research shop to have at least one copy of this magazine for its researchers to refer to, if only so that they know they are not alone as they fall into the confusion and tangled web that can be finding and utilizing data in and from social media.

-Emily Davis, Development Analyst at Indiana University Foundation

About the Editor and Contributors

Filla0018sqResearcher, consultant, author, speaker and trainer, Jennifer Filla is on a mission to perform research with distinction and to provide other prospect research professionals with the power to accomplish their work with excellence, lead with research, and make a difference!

CEO of the Prospect Research Institute and President of Aspire Research Group LLC, you can connect with Jen here:

SRB_July2014Sarah Bernstein is the owner and principal consultant of Philanthrodata, a fundraising intelligence and information management consultancy. Sarah’s passion is to help nonprofits develop database and prospect research solutions so they can better serve their donors and fuel their missions.

Before establishing Philanthrodata in 2014, Sarah worked for 15 years in prospect research and database management with social service and higher education organizations. She is the past president of APRA Wisconsin, and a member of APRA, AFP, and AASP. With a BA in Film, MA in Art History, and teaching license in high school English, Sarah has a diverse Twitter feed, and she is just as likely to retweet a medievalist as she is a prospect researcher. Sarah lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her husband, daughters, and an intrepid Pekinese. You can find her on LinkedIn, Twitter (@srbernstein), WordPress, and even Ravelry, but never on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

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