A New Paradigm in Career Building with Marie Danieli

Lots of people graduate from university with a degree in a field they never pursue. But Marie Danieli takes it a step further. Not only does she find herself in prospect research, for which there is no university degree, but she has two other career paths in mind that she might explore one day.

Marie represents the new paradigm in career building. She uses her university degree as a foundation from which she can make the leap into multiple, similar careers. Continuing education, such as the Insider Stock and Compensation course at the Prospect Research Institute, enables her to fill in gaps in her skills and education or take advantage of changes in the environment so that she can seek promotions or possibly segue into another career down the road.

As our lifespans increase, the notion of having only one career begins to sound quaint. Combine that with the rapid change in the skill sets needed to navigate new and sometimes disrupting technologies, and at one time or another all of us will need to find ways to incorporate some additional learning opportunities.

Listen in to discover how Marie is successfully navigating as a professional in a world increasingly driven by data.

Resources Mentioned

  • Insider Stock and Compensation Course | On-demand online course, which is part of the Research Focused membership bundle of courses
  • APRA International | An Association for Professional Researchers for Advancement
  • ARMA International | An Association for Records Managers and Administrators
  • SCIP | An association for Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals
  • IAPD | The Independent Adviser Public Disclosure database of the SEC