How to Refine your Personal Image When Working from Home

While it’s funny to watch other people’s video blunders–like that poor reporter whose camera was positioned to show his boxers peeking out from under his shirt and jacket–it’s never fun to live through those blunders.

And yet, managing your video image isn’t just about avoiding obvious errors. It’s about deliberately making choices on things such as your clothes, make-up, lighting, camera angle, and audio input.

It’s also a great time to change your perspective on how you show up for work.

You probably know it’s not appropriate or that it’s distracting to show up for work with massive false eyelashes or ripped jeans and a spiked collar necklace. But what about a baseball cap?Why not a t-shirt?

If you struggle with where the boundaries are, and even if you don’t, listen for Tammy’s advice on how to prepare for your meetings. (Hint: Listen for her talking about being “mirrored”)

Your brand or image isn’t so much a destination as an ongoing journey. My goal is for you to take away one or two solid tips from this interview that you can implement right now. And if that happens, I hope you will share with others so they might benefit, too!

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