Healthcare Leadership’s $75M Perspective on Prospect Research

It wasn’t easy to get on Caroline Riseboro’s calendar! And no wonder, considering she was thrown right into the COVID-19 pandemic very shortly after starting her new position in February of 2020.

Undaunted, this award-winning leader has clearly risen to the challenge. The Trillium Health Partners Foundation website indicates that they raised $75M in 2020!

After rescheduling a few times, I had the pleasure of chatting with Caroline about her perspective on prospect research and leadership. It was definitely worth the wait!

Do you consider your career journey to be climbing a ladder or climbing a jungle gym? Caroline shares how her career has been more like the latter and why that has been so critical in preparing her to lead.

Do you have the license or permission to innovate as a prospect research professional? Caroline feels this is important for every role, and if you want researchers to act as catalysts in fundraising, it’s required.

Of course, she says it so much better than I just did. And she shares one of her favorite prospect research success stories. Tune in!

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