Fundraising with an Abundance Mindset with Gauri Manglik at Instrumentl

Fundraising with an Abundance Mindset with Gauri Manglik at Instrumentl

Gauri has found a niche within a niche – corporate and foundation fundraising within the nonprofit sector – and applied an abundance mindset to continuously listen to customers and develop software support that works.

How many years have we had CRM databases? DECADES. Some sources suggest that the CRM debuted in the 1980s. (So many good things happened in the 1980s, am I right?)

And yet, there is a profound gap between how those CRMs service individual fundraising vs. institutional fundraising. Or rather, those CRMs barely service institutional fundraising at all. (Obviously, I’m offended by this neglect.)

Yes, Giving USA recently published that foundations provided only 19% of overall giving in the US, but that translates to $90.88 billion dollars. What could you do with $90.88 billion dollars?

Foundation funding is a critical fundraising source for start-up and small organizations as well as supporting nonprofits of every size with new programming, new research, new ideas, and so much more.

If you are a grant writer or do corporate and foundation research, you know about the hurdles. Tracking prospecting strategies, working different keywords and approaches, all the while trying to map out deadlines and application requirements is a challenge not best served by an Excel spreadsheet.

And that’s just the very beginning of the foundation fundraising journey. Writing the grant proposal and accepting an award can feel like the shortest steps to take. After the money arrives, it must be spent as promised and reporting and other requirements need to be met.

Instrumentl gets institutional fundraising. Corporate. Foundation. Government.

If you do institutional fundraising, listen to this interview with Gauri. You can tell she gets fundraising. The really exciting part is that now we get to use a software solution that works for fundraising!

In fact, Instrumentl is so confident that you will become an institutional fundraising hero by using their software that they offer a 14-day free trial. And since they know that prospect researchers are discriminating customers, they have provided a coupon code for $50 off the first month or year of your Instrumentl account: PROSPECTPOD50

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P.S. No, they didn’t sponsor this episode. No, the Institute and Aspire don’t get any money if you sign up. They didn’t even ask me to promote them. I just get really excited when I learn about a great new tool!

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Sign up for your 14-day free Instrumentl account here: 

When you’re ready to purchase, use the code to save $50 off your first month or year of Instrumentl: PROSPECTPOD50