Ethical Issues of Mega-Philanthropy

David Callahan

If you’ve read any of David Callahan’s books or subscribe to his magazine, Inside Philanthropy, you know how he feels about the 1% wielding power over the masses. But you’ll also know that he doesn’t fall over the line into emotional or personal attacks. How does he keep his balance?

His response surprised me (and I guess that’s the point here). “Be interesting,” he said. What? At first, I thought he was avoiding the question. But he wasn’t.

David is on a mission to make philanthropy interesting. He wants to get people thinking.

This is my kind of guy!

But what really intrigues me is his mention of the undercurrents building in mega philanthropy’s future. “Blue chip” nonprofits – the big institutions – far and away receive the most mega-gifts. Yet recently some of them have started to take a closer look at how the wealth that created those gifts was made.

What is making blue chip nonprofits take a closer look at the donor dollars? Go ask David.

Or listen in…

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