Digital Marketing Data for Fundraising with Joe Stabb

Prospect Research Institute Chatbytes Podcast with Joe Stabb

If anyone would recognize the gems hidden inside marketing data, it would be Joe Stabb! Currently, he is Assistant Professor of Practice at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, but his LinkedIn profile is testament to the many career paths that he has sampled over the years. Many of those career paths have involved marketing and communications, as well as fundraising. (Yes, Joe, I too remember when the “wysiwyg” Dreamweaver made it easy for anyone to design websites.)

When I talked with Joe at an Apra New York conference last year, I was intrigued by a project he described where he was going to be exploring marketing data in aid of fundraising. I wanted to know more!

In this interview, Joe shares more than one way marketing data has improved fundraising outcomes. I suspect most #ChatBytes followers will be keenly interested in how he was able to source major gift prospects.

Your marketing and communications team members might be the next desk over, or housed in a different department and building entirely. Wherever they are, it’s time to talk data with them!

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