Cryptocurrency and the Opportunity Factor with Elisa Shoenberger

Cryptocurrency has been making all kinds of headlines these days. Described as the “crypto winter,” coins have been folding, freezing, and getting hijacked. Is this the end of the cryptocurrency opportunity for philanthropy?

Not according to Elisa Shoenberger, Research Consultant at Aspire Research Group LLC, this podcast’s sponsor.

In fact, one might even conclude that all of this volatility represents a maturing of the cryptocurrency marketplace. Elisa shares how what appears to be chaotic activity, when put into historical perspective, is typical of new financial products in the marketplace.

Also, listen in and find out how cryptocurrency’s greatest allure – anonymity – is also its greatest weapon against criminal activity. The blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrency allows for anonymity, but also creates a transparent, and trackable, trail of ownership.

As prospect research professionals, our organizations are counting on us to understand complex financial instruments like cryptocurrency and value our recommendations on best practices and resources.

To keep you in the know, Elisa also shares her favorite places to stay current with what’s happening in cryptocurrency and philanthropy.

Resources Mentioned

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