Crypto and Decentralized Finance as Vehicles for Philanthropy with Melody Song

When I first encountered Melody Song, she was a wiz prospect researcher willing to demonstrate relationship mapping with NodeXL to the Prospect Research Institute’s ad hoc working group on the subject.

A few career iterations later she is doling out grants at the razor’s edge of philanthropy, leveraging blockchain to democratize giving at Popcorn. This is not the kind of philanthropy just anyone can handle.

“Only participate if you know what you are doing.”

-Popcorn website

Decentralized finance is complex and the Popcorn website sometimes reads like it’s written for a graduate level study in economics. In other words, sometimes it reads like it’s in a different language!

Thankfully, the ever articulate Melody Song provides us with an intelligible and delightful explanation of how Popcorn helps investors make money and uses its management fees to fund social impact.

Melody has the privilege of working on the team to create this philanthropic endeavor, which is organized much like a giving circle. Popcorn investors have tokens, which provide them with voting rights to determine how the foundation money is distributed.

Of course, Melody says it all so much better. And at the end of the interview, she shares some interesting demographic information that sounds like multiple different opportunities for nonprofits to benefit by doing good…

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