Continuing Education: Should it be Training? Or Education? BOTH!

What does A Christmas Carol have in common with nonprofit fundraising training? Nonprofit educator, Matt Hugg, shares how he leverages the story for an activity in his live classes. I’m not going to spoil it for you and give you the answer, but it should clue you in that Matt is no ordinary educator and curator of nonprofit learning resources!

Matt founded because he wanted to share his curated collection. Since then, the number of materials available on his site have exploded. And that would be why there is an advanced search page. Matt knows how to appeal the researcher in all of us.

In this podcast you’ll discover:

  • The difference between training and education and why it matters
  • The most overlooked skill that people should be getting training for, but don’t
  • What job training might look like 10-20 years into the future

As an educator, I couldn’t be more aligned with Matt’s vision for curating a great collection of free, high quality content together with premium courses and materials. Disclaimer: the Prospect Research Institute is among Matt’s curated collection!

Tune in to hear some good stories and consider how you can best fulfill your learning objectives.

Resources Mentioned

www.Nonprofit.Courses | Curated Nonprofit Learning Content | free and fee

Spirituality of Fundraising | by Henri Nouwen | book

Free Knowledge Seeker Membership | Discover the free resource collections at the Prospect Research Institute with a free membership account; choose “Free” from the main menu options