An Approach to Prospecting Workbook

Do you struggle to source new prospects? Do you spend endless hours, but still feel like you are swimming aimlessly in a sea of data? Wish there was a tried and true method? There is!

An Approach to Prospecting
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This workbook teaches you how to methodically find, and quickly qualify, new prospects. It’s based on the techniques developed to routinely and efficiently find good prospect leads for all types of nonprofit organizations. The demand to reach outside your constituency to find transformational donors or donors for special programs is on the rise. Regardless of the project specifics, you need a method that works every time!

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What’s in the Workbook

The workbook is printed and contains the following:

  • Practice communication skills for defining the request and soliciting feedback.
  • Create a manual scoring model to help you quickly work through large lists in Excel.
  • Leverage your knowledge of public information to source prospect lists.
  • Research and qualify prospects.
  • Manage your time effectively with tips and tricks.
  • Get savvy about delivering a final product that your internal customer wants.

Please note that this workbook is designed to accompany group discussions and practice facilitated by an expert. This workbook is NOT designed as stand-alone ratings calculation instruction. It works best when paired with other learning opportunities, such as our on-demand Capacity Ratings Workshop (available with Research Focused membership), your institution’s new hire training, or even local seminars or conferences.

 About the Author


I’m Jennifer Filla, a Prospect Researcher and Fundraiser at Aspire Research Group LLC and co-author of Prospect Research for Fundraisers: The Essential Handbook, part of the AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series. I have been a member of AFP and APRA for more than ten years.

For more than five years I have been speaking and presenting at AFP and APRA meetings and conferences. The demand for clear instruction that can be applied immediately at the fundraising office led me to launch the Prospect Research Institute.

Read more about Jen.

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