Call for Volunteers – Prospecting for Ukraine NGOs

Seeking volunteers to source US prospects for NGOs in Ukraine. Using the Approach to Prospecting course as a framework you will work within a cohort to identify and present donor prospects. Interested?

Project Description

  • In response to An Urgent Appeal to the International NGO Community from Eugenia Mazurenko, CEO of Zaguriy Foundation in Ukraine, The Resource Alliance created and convened a workshop for Ukraine NGOs.
  • Many NGOs in Ukraine were successfully fundraising within their country, but the war has made this near impossible. This has had a direct impact on the services that they can offer to children in hospitals, to war-orphans, elders, local enterprises, animal welfare and the environment.
  • NGOs have had to pivot to finding funds internationally, which is challenging in the best of circumstances. They desperately need to find potential donors outside Ukraine.
  • Chris Carnie of Factary attended the kick-off meeting and suggested relationship mapping for potential funders outside Ukraine.
  • Jen Filla met with Chris and Melody Song from The Resource Alliance to discuss how U.S. researchers might help identify funding prospects for Ukraine NGOs.
  • Jen identified the Approach to Prospecting course as a framework for organizing a small group of 6 or 7 individual researchers to walk through the project together. As part of their course work they would interview appropriate parties, develop aligned search criteria and strategies, and deliver prospects.

How to Volunteer

Would you like to volunteer to work through the Approach to Prospecting course with Ukraine NGOs as your client organizations?

Read the following project requirements and timeline. If you still want to apply, click the link to the application:

Application deadline is Friday, March 3, 2023

Project Requirements

  • Willing to commit to working as a team to identify prospects over 7 weeks from March to April.
  • Volunteers will receive access to the Approach to Prospecting course from March through October 2023 in exchange for delivering identified prospects to NGOs in Ukraine. Access to online research tools may also be negotiated.
  • Class meeting schedule will be agreed and created for volunteers to come together over Zoom to discuss their work and collaborate as well as meetings with other relevant parties to the project.
  • After prospects are delivered, volunteers will participate in creating a presentation(s) for The Resource Alliance and the international fundraising community. This may be live, video, and/or other media.
  • Volunteers should expect to spend 2 to 5 hours in any given week on course materials and homework. Prospecting is time-consuming work!


6 Mar | Course Week 1 – introduction, Modules 1 and 2

13 Mar | Course Week 2 – prepare and interview the client

20 Mar | Course Week 3 – create criteria and strategies

27 Mar | Course Week 4 – finding and qualifying prospects

3 Apr | Course Week 5 – finding and qualifying prospects; possible delivery

10 Apr | Course Week 6 – finding and qualifying prospects; possible delivery

17 Apr | Course Week 7 – discuss project presentation

24 Apr | Create project presentation

? May | Present to bi-monthly Resource Alliance committee meeting

17-20 Oct | Present to the International Fundraising Congress

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