The Role of Profile Research in Corporate Fundraising with Tracy LaMondue

Which number sounds more impressive: 6% or $29.48 billion?

According to Giving USA, corporate philanthropy was only 6% of total giving in 2022. But that translates to collective corporate giving of $29.48 billion. Companies may not be the largest source of donor dollars, but $29.48 billion is nothing to sneeze at!

How do organizations go about receiving gifts from companies and what role can profile research play in successful corporate fundraising?

Tracy LaMondue is the expert with the answers! In her role as Vice President of Development at the American Geophysical Union (AGU), she is adept at courting corporate dollars.

A tenacious and passionate fundraiser, Tracy doesn’t shrink away from the sleuthing it takes to find alignment and a pathway to a relationship with a corporate donor prospect. This is because she knows that when there is promise of alignment from the initial profile research, she will likely find the details she needs for a personalized, successful outreach.

And she does! I have been continually thrilled to watch Tracy nurture and grow existing corporate relationships — and build completely new ones.

In our conversation, Tracy shares how she thinks about the information in a profile, what information is most important to her, and how she navigates from information to relationship.

Listen in to the episode below and connect with Tracy LaMondue on LinkedIn.

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