Talking Family Offices with Erik Hoover

Erik Hoover comes from the world of competitive intelligence. Although the industry is different, many of the research objectives are remarkably similar.

When working in competitive intelligence, Erik tried to answer, “What motivates an investor to make significant investments and can “significant” be quantified with as much specificity as possible?” With donor prospects we seek to understand giving motivations as well as quantify gift capacity.

Erik also describes the “ghosts” he encountered, such as angel investors or start-up companies that at first glance appear to have little meaningful information to be found. Sometimes the donor prospect “ghosts” on our list are just as elusive.

Erik shares some research resources and tactics to piece together a more coherent picture of a  “ghost” or a prospect with a family office and what that means in terms of the size of wealth involved.

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Resources Mentioned

  • Connect with Erik Hoover | LinkedIn
  • Wish you could access the fabulous and expensive resources Erik mentions in his interview, such as Crain’s, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and Financial Times? Don’t be surprised if you find amazing research subscriptions online at your public library!

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