Sphere of Influence Research with Chris Mildner

Chris Mildner, Prospect Research Analyst at The Nature Conservancy, has worked in higher education, healthcare, and now an environmental nonprofit, honing her skills and refining her research practices.

One of the practices she has successfully implemented is Sphere of Influence research, which is also sometimes referred to as relationship mapping. This research is where Chris builds a list of potential major gift prospects who are connected directly to a champion, which could be a trustee or top donor or other person with high affinity and a great network.

And it works. Chris described a project where 10 or 12 introductions were made from about 60-80 names. That is a great return on the investment of time and resources!

And if you know Chris or have heard her present on this or other topics, you know that she’s great at explaining the fundamental points of a process. In this #ChatBytes episode she breaks it down for us, quickly and succinctly.

Chris also shares insights into how development officers impact the success of Sphere of Influence research. She talks about their role in working with the champion and how she interacts with them across the cultivation journey.

Connect with Chris Mildner on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrismildner

If you like this interview and want to practice Sphere of Influence Research, register for the Prospect Research Institute’s workshop on topic on June 11, 2024. Chris Mildner will be our special guest, joining in discussion and answering questions.

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