Prospect Research Month in Review – Oct 2016

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A few key resources shared:


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10 Steps to Deliver on International Prospecting | Jason Briggs via Learning Edge | @jasonjbriggs
International prospect research is commonly considered high risk in the sense that it often fails to bring satisfying results and takes considerably more resources. Therefore, there is extra emphasis for research managers to plan international prospecting carefully to mitigate these risks.…»
Two of the strongest characteristics prospect research professionals have in common is insatiable curiosity combined with a surprising boldness. We are proudly generalists! And very good at it too..…»
How to Perform Fundraising Data Analytics From Scratch | Emily Davis via EverTrue | @eheinlen @EverTrue
So, you’ve been assigned to work on your organization’s data analytics in order to show what variables are impacting your giving program, where your organization can improve its work processes, or what potential prospects are falling through the cracks. Now what?…»
Motivations of Leaders: Brock Silvey | APRA Illinois | @APRAIllinois
What makes Prospect Development a great career? APRA-IL is asking local and national industry leaders what the field means to them and why and how they have pursued success in Prospect Development. Through this blog series we will explore what drives industry leaders to propel their careers and Prospect Development forward.…»
Gift capacity ratings were a marketing moment for wealth screening companies. Suddenly thousands of records could be matched individually to wealth records and assigned a score. Your constituents could be assessed by their potential capacity – in the form of dollars. And everybody loves money. Have gift capacity ratings lived up to the hype? Yes!…»

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Prospect Development Events

30 Nov-15 Dec | Online
There is no clear “right” or “wrong” way to create capacity ratings. Together with your peers, read and watch carefully selected resources. Rate an already researched prospect. Participate in facilitated discussions about what the terms really mean, what’s behind the formulas we take for granted, and what to do with prospects that have more or less information. >>Learn more
3-4 Nov |  Alexandria, VA
Advancing Leaders is the chance to focus on where the industry is headed and how we can help shape our organizations for the future. Click here for details.
2-4 Nov | New Orleans, LA
This conference is for the contemporary publications professional who understands the audience, holds to the highest standards, and seeks professional growth and change.Click here for details.