Prospect Research Month in Review – Aug 2016

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08-09-2016 08:18:40 AM

There was a cry for help on the PRSPCT-L list-serv: “I’m a new researcher and my boss wants me to provide net worth on a prospect. He says it was the previous practice to do this and I can get what I need to calculate it from Dun & Bradstreet.” What would your response be? … Continue reading Net Worth: Nasty, Nice, or Neutral? → The post Net Worth: Nasty, Nice, or Neutral? appeared first on Jennifer Filla.…»

08-01-2016 13:25:33 PM

In a previous post, we explored just how important real estate data can be in your prospect research.  But what about those pesky Canadians and their strict privacy laws?  How are you going to learn more about prospects north of the border or, if you’re a Canadian nonprofit, in your very own community? Canadian real […] The post The Case For Canadian Real Estate Research appeared first on iWave Information Systems.…»

08-11-2016 09:57:42 AM
Chances are, you’ve heard of-or used-Facebook’s new Reactions feature. Released earlier this year, Reactions make it possible to express how you feel about a status in a variety of ways. Now, not only can you tap the Like button, but you can also react to a post using the Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, or Angry… The post How to Get to Know Your Prospects & Donors Better Using Facebook Reactions appeared first on EverTrue. …»
08-10-2016 11:58:20 AM

Whew!  It’s been quite a fortnight.* I attended the APRA International Prospect Development 2016 conference in Nashvegas Nashville, TN and presented on the venture capital industry and on creating a team newsletter (slides from both presentations are available on the APRA website for members), then had a case of Exploding Inbox when I got back […]…»

08-11-2016 06:00:38 AM

I love Twitter. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been alerted to a key article or wealth list or study that, because of Twitter, I heard about the moment it was published. Not only does Twitter give me an edge on the news but it allows me to communicate and share information instantly with […]…»

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Prospect Development Events

15 Sep | Webinar
This session will raise awareness about the power and influence women have on philanthropy and focus on opportunities you have to be a trailblazer at your organization. Hear how a culture that appreciates women’s giving and engagement can make an impact at your institution. Women bring different perspectives and decision making skills, they make up a huge part of most alumni bases and current study bodies. Join us as we discuss how their involvement can enrich conversations about your institutions and the future. >>Learn more.
21 Sep | Webinar
Capacity ratings are an essential component of prospect research.  But how do you differentiate between the ratings generated by automated tools versus manually calculated ratings?  And as a researcher, how do you utilize different ratings at various stages of the prospect development pipeline?  In this candid webinar, Jill McCarville of iWave will focus on the role and origin of automated ratings, and industry expert Jennifer Filla will discuss ratings that are manually calculated based on net worth.>>Learn more.
30 Nov-15 Dec | Online

There is no clear “right” or “wrong” way to create capacity ratings. Together with your peers, read and watch carefully selected resources. Rate an already researched prospect. Participate in facilitated discussions about what the terms really mean, what’s behind the formulas we take for granted, and what to do with prospects that have more or less information. >>Learn more

14 Sep – 16 Sep | New Orleans, LA
Join CASE in New Orleans to review core concepts-legal framework, quality control, gift counting guidelines and workflow management. Learn about evolving areas: lockbox, automation, customer service and donor privacy. Click here to learn more.
28 Sep – 30 Sep | San Antonio, TX
This conference will provide you with a plan of action to spark engagement and drive greater fundraising outcomes. Learn how to uncover new benefactors, revive existing relationships and programs, and capture imaginations with a meaningful case for support. Click here to learn more.
30 Sep | Chicago, IL
In an effort to build and strengthen the APRA-IL community, their program emphasizes providing space and time to collaborate, share and learn from your fellow members and attendees. Click here for details.